Steel Joist Detailing for Shop Drawings

With over 42 years working in the structural steel industry, we have been detailing OWSJ bar joist since 2002. We can provide shop drawings for bar joist with bridging and supporting steel girders professionally drawn and with clear details for the fabricators and erectors, engineers and architects.

Our joist detailing staff has technical expertise in joist detailing and will incorporate your projects specific requirements for approval by the EOR. The detailers follow the joist engineers technical details which include but are not limited to:

  • Joist Uplift • Sloped Seats • Snow Drift Loads • Loads From RTU's • Added Loads on Bottom Chords • Seismic Loads • Dead Loads • Collateral Loads • Deflection Criteria • Joist Depth • Span Length and all criteria necessary as required by the EOR.

Shop fabricated small batch joist are often not as inexpensive as joist produced in a large and modern manufacturing plant. But often shop fabricated joist can meet short schedule time requirements and sometimes manufactured joist are just not available. Availability of shop fabricated joist is the greatest advantage over manufactured joist. Joist are one of the easier assemblies to fabricate as there is a lot of repetition involved in the design of the joist.


BIM Modelling ...

All of our joist shop drawings are created in a structural 3D environment using Tekla Structures as a modelling software. This means that we can import from Revit or export to all modern BIM formats such as Navisworks. Automation tools and components have been developed that keep the cost of shop drawings low, while assuring that the steel will fit at the jobsite.

Engineering and Programming...

Using SAP2000 for structural analysis and design combined with custom programming we are able to check and confirm if the engineers provided instructions actually fulfill the requirements of the EOR design drawings. Custom programming is also used to automate the creation of joist bridging assuring that the joist bridging will fit properly with the least amount of detailing cost, and also custom programming is used to create the engineering reports. Where ever custom programming can be used, costs will be reduced and accuracy increased. The strength of our entire business is the advantage which we have regarding advanced engineering.

Ease of Fabrication

Our joist are designed with maximum repetition allowing for reduced fabrication costs. The benefit that we provide to the industry is quick delivery of joist to the jobsite. We are the supplier of choice whenever project schedules must be met quickly. The joist are fabricated by capable fully certified manufacturers. By combining the capabilities of several manufacturers using standardized joist designs, we can respond quickly to large or small projects in the USA or Canada. If the structural steel supplier/fabricator for the project is interested in fabricating joist for their own project we can certainly make that possible.

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